Working with Kim Simpson, an independent producer also based in Glasgow, we are producing a Made In Scotland showcase event in June 2019. The Made in Scotland programme celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2018. The festival key points are as follows:

  • To present a showcase curated from Made in Scotland over the past 10 years in Brussels in 2019

  • To make Scotland visible as an outward looking, innovative creative nation, particularly at this moment of Brexit

  • To showcase excellent, innovative and appropriate Scottish work to Belgian and European presenters, mindful of this context and market

  • To develop the potential for reciprocal exchange between Scotland and Belgium and Scotland and Europe

  • To be accessible to audiences in Belgium; aiming to appeal to Belgian audiences well as Scottish ex-pat audiences

  • To create a moment of gathering between artists, presenters, funders and diplomats enabling further exchange to occur

  • To lay foundations for a regular event, potentially increasing in scale, to happen

The festival updates will appear on this website and the MiS website in due course.